The Impact Of American Exceptionalism In The Novel Hillbilly Elegy

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In the twenty first century, The United States of America is considered one of the great superpowers of the world. It’s citizens believe it is the best country in all regards. This view of American exceptionalism is deeply rooted in patriotism and passion for their culture. America to an outside may appear to have a homogenous culture. However, under a microscope, the separate regions of America become pronounced. America is very patristic as a whole, but that is nothing to the fervidity an American feel toward their home region. The main regions of the United States are categorized as: North, South, Mid-west and, West. The History and development of the country over time through expansion allowed colonist from several places, to move anywhere in the new frontier. The rest was clumps of cultures splattered across the country in disseminated trails. An additional aspect of American exceptionalism is the worshiped term of freedom and the myth of the American dream. Freedom in America dictates everything. Because the concept of freedom is engraved into the heart of America, its citizens have the sometimes, improbable dream of perfection. The novel Hillbilly Elegy, by author J.D. Vance, discussed the hardships and truths behind the hillbilly stereotype. Vance discussed his childhood by looking at the American dream thought he opportunities he was presented and his accomplishments. Looking into the intense region of the South, the film “You Don’t Know Dixie” exposed the south

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