The Impact Of An Effective Leadership On The Realization Of An Initiated Innovation

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The world is ever developing and changing. The rapidity and degree of change in the last two decades is greater and is fundamental for the society’s growth and subsistence. The vital influences that drive innovation in health and social care services often result from political, economic, technological, and social (Hayes, 2010). However the growth and success of health and social care organization depends greatly on its leaders (Northouse, 2009). The objective of this assignment is to examine the impact of my leadership role in the realization of an initiated innovation. Areas that will be focused upon include a brief rationale of my change agenda, leadership styles and theories, challenges and barriers encountered, and the concept of Emotional intelligence. Personal qualities of a leader, individual and organizational values, behaviours and culture will be reflected upon throughout the assignment and its relevance in regards to my change initiative. Finally, the impact of an effective leadership on the performance of individuals, team and service users care and outcomes will also be discussed.

Change cannot occur in services without leadership (Goodwin, 2006). According to Goodwin (2006), more than 400 definitions of leadership have been developed, as the concept still raises questions with difficult answers. However, generally a leader is defined as a person who leads and influences others for the realization of a genuine purpose or vision (Adair, 2010). Whist the
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