The Impact Of Anarchism On The Political Philosophies Of The United States

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The political attitude today is not characterized by positivity and hope but of despair. Long gone are the days of the social political philosophies of the immediate past. Anarchism is not normative, it does not provide instructions on how to achieve absolute freedom, it only states that freedom and liberty can exist, anarchism is not an ideological movement, it is an ideological statement. People around the world prefer the values of freedom and equality above all other values, freedom and equality can be classified as even more important than personal wealth, technology, capitalism and even nationalism. Anarchism is an extremely broad ideology and there are important differences within the concept of the anarchism itself. There are many different definitions within the anarchism as there is no defined hypothesis to anarchism except that the government should not exist. Individualist anarchists and anarcho-capitalist have sympathy within the principles of free market liberalism, however, this would not apply to social anarchists in general. In anarchy, people can assemble in any economic system they desire – socialism, capitalism, syndicalism etc. The market is itself a system, an institution with procedures, social relations and infrastructures whereby parties engage in exchange. Therefore the market is not directly linked to capitalism, as it can exist within any other ideology. Markets are institutions in which individuals or collective exchange goods and services.

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