The Impact Of Art In The Gilded Age

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Art in general is a form of expression. Individuals use art to express emotions, passion, or make a statement. Society can have an impact on how an artist chooses to express his or her sentiments. The beauty of it all is that interpretation is what makes art so unique. The same piece of art can mean so many different things due to who is looking at it. Just like everything else, art changes with time. There has been different eras in art that have impacted society as we know it.

The Gilded was a time in history where America was changing. We were going from and agricultural society to an industrial society. Many people were migrating to this land and cities were being urbanized. During the gilded age many impactful events came into play as well. The lightbulb and telephone were invented in this era. It was a time of innovation. Wealth and flourishing economic growth was generated in the Gilded Age. In 1892 Ellis Island opens up and six years prior the Statue of liberty had been dedicated. At the same time the farmers did not prosper and the government was very corrupt as well. The women of the time were still dressed in Victorian Style attire which sold the point of wealth amongst the public. With all of this happening around us, it would make sense that art would be impacted by society.

American Art portrayed luxury and wealth in the beginning of the Gilded Age. It took a blind eye to the everyday harsh reality of those who were in lower
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