The Impact Of Attitudes On The Workplace Essay

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Attitudes and emotions in the workplace are extremely important because they dictate job performance. The emotions that people go through are something that cannot be avoided; however, they can be manipulated. Managers, leaders, CEO’S of companies learn to do this by experience and training. They manipulate employee’s emotions with the purpose of achieving better performance and satisfy an organization’s goals. Although people have always had different emotions, the notion that managers need to care for employee’s satisfaction and happiness is newly implemented in the workplace. In this paper, I will be explaining the impact of attitudes in the workplace, how mood, emotions, attitudes and behavior affect job performance and I will implement the point of view of the CEO of the Defense Commissary Agency, Mr. Joseph Jeu. Attitudes are defined as “Relatively stable feelings or beliefs that are directed towards specific persons, groups, ideas, jobs or other objects” (P.358). Due to the Hawthorne effect, studies suggested that attitudes, moral and production were closely linked in a positive relationship. We could only imagine that organizations were fast to hear about this and implement actions to improve the overall moral. However, this was not easy for them since they had to study worker’s behaviors in order to know what would be satisfying and what would not be. In addition, they had to figure out how to measure satisfaction. According to Landy, new variables to work
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