The Impact Of Australian Economy And International Business

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Malcolm Rand, a rock star turned philanthropic businessman, founded ecostore in 1993. Initially it was a mail order based service which eventually was expanded to supermarkets manufacturing around 60 body care and cleaning items in Australia. Ecostore further expanded its export to USA, Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and HongKong. The company’s head office and concept store are in Auckland with a $30 million turnover as recorded in the year 2015.
The company is of immense significance to the Australian economy and International Business as it is a trailblazer of natural and organic products that are sustainable and healthy. The firm pledges a guarantee that its products are safe and environmental friendly which is endorsed by the certifications such as ISO14001, Diamond Environment and Carbon Zero and the company is entirely child labor free.
Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the company
Malcolm with his wife Melanie, utilized organic plant minerals and sustainable gardening methods to produce safe and healthy skin care and cleaning products from the basement of their home back in 1993. Their efforts to avoid the possibility of availability of toxicity in the market products led to the initiation of the entrepreneurship.
Malcolm established schools of organic gardens which support the NGOs working for the protection of flora and fauna in NZ. Later, eco village based on the idea of urban housing community in a sustainable green environment was developed.
The spirit of…
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