The Impact Of Being Green Benefits Companies And Organisations

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Summary Becoming a green organisation or a company have become everyday term, and nowadays we are familiar with the problem and what we can do to save our planet. But way don’t we do more? To become more eco friendly, the companies and the organisations need to involve their employees and make them a part of the team. The small things we can do is:  Use less paper.  More knowledge  Use eco friendly products, such as paper, cars and equipment. It is not just a benefit for our environment but also for the companies and they can save a huge amount of money to be more environmental friendly. There is also a huge demand from customers that they want to support a company who is thinking green. Terms of reference — list the…show more content…
Environmental protection is the third pillar and it means that we all know what to do to protect the planet, recycling, use less power, walk instead of taking the car. Today, companies and organizations are aware of their sustainability as it is an important part of their establishment. Not only for the company 's image, but for the savings they can make, and for their employee’s safety.

 Because of the increased population and urbanization, we have now stretched the environment to its limits. People are nowadays more familiar with the problem and it´s effect on human life and our planet. We live in a modern society where we consume more power than we can. Environmental sustainability regards making decisions to protect our planet and the impact that businesses and individuals have on the environment. Green business practices: The global warming is becoming an everyday term. There is always more we can do. Educate ourselves and our employees. In that set of mind we can extend our knowledge on the important factor of global warming and increase our resources for a better environment. If the company involve their employees, it will not only make them feel that they are a team, they will also feel more involved and important for their business. There is so many things you and the company can do together that will help the environment. Some things might feel meaningless to do but even if it is some
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