The Impact Of Big Box Stores On Small Retail Shops

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No doubt major changes in retailing have been taking place over the last many years. Carlena Cochi Ficano (2013) published a study which specifically analyzed the most famous of all mass merchandisers, or Big-Box Retailers, Wal-Mart. Among the items considered was the birth and death rate of small business in the areas surrounding Wal-Mart’s entry. The author used data obtained from the US Census Bureau (2005 and 2010), multiple statistical calculations, graphs and charts, and data from other researchers in the study. It was pointed out that “A recurrent criticism of these retail giants is their negative impact upon smaller, locally owned competitors…” (Ficano, 2013, pg. 263). Ficano identified four factors that, in theory, influence…show more content…
Also debated is how these large retailers can be used to encourage small business and lessen negative impact they might experience. Jennifer S. Evans-Cowley (2008), undertook a study to research how municipalities around the country were dealing with this issue. Evans-Cowley entered into a Literature Review on municipalities and how they dealt with these challenges. They surveyed 574 US cities with populations of 25,000 – 50,000 derived from the 2000 US Census and the American Planning Association database. The survey was conducted by email of which 217 (38%) responded. 71 cities, at that time, had regulations for Big-Box retailers. “After an initial review, 23 ordinances were determined to be specifically related to Big-Box retail. These ordinances were then evaluated using a coding sheet” (Evans-Cowley, 2008, pg. 334). Regulatory tools, specific requirements and types of retail were evaluated (Evans-Cowley, 2008). Many city planning departments had instituted regulations on architectural designs, requiring specific designs that were complimentary to the neighborhood and restricted signage and other exterior concerns (i.e., parking lots, etc.). Traffic implications and environmental impacts were also reviewed. In an effort to encourage small business to open new stores or move into new locations in “hot” new areas, Developers have undertaken a “New Urbanist Site” approach.
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