The Impact Of Big Data, Big Impact

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Big Data, Big Impact Big Data is has been around in Information Sciences since the 1990s. Over the past years, the amount of data we create, communicate and store has grown exponentially. Big Data is already a big influence on our lives. Whether you contribute to the ever-growing dataset of Facebook or your supermarket gives you discounts for items you never expected to need , Big Data is all around us and has an impact on all of us. Let us start by defining Big Data. Big Data is the term for datasets that are too big to process in traditional ways such as databases and simple analytics software. The size of big data is a moving target as storage and processing capacities grow. Because these datasets are so big (100 petabytes if you are Facebook for example) when working with them, you face a few challenges: storage space, searching, analysis, and…show more content…
The marketing colleagues wondered if they could ‘capture’ the ‘new parent’-customer by supplying them with discount coupons when they needed it. However, how do you identify a new parent before he/she actually becomes a parent? This led to an awkward case of a Target customer receiving discounts for diapers for his underage daughter whose pregnancy went unaware until the customer received the coupons. Big Data is a part of our life while we sometimes do not know it yet. Big Data is all around us, from creating our anniversary videos on Facebook and giving Netflix recommendations to utilizing all cellphones as weather stations to improve predictions (source 4) and combining it with machine learning for interesting insights. (source 5) All this data needs to be processed, creating a multitude of jobs in the data science field. Companies with products relying heavily in internet are investing heavily in Big Data, companies such as Uber, Spotify, Google and IBM to name a
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