The Impact Of Bilingual Languages Into The Classroom Essay

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Although the above factors can greatly hinder an ELL student’s success in the classroom, some argue there are other compelling issues that could contribute to ELLs in special education classrooms. One argument suggests that some districts place ELL students in special educations because support systems once in place for ELL students have been removed. Consider that at one point in the past, there was a history of integrating bilingual languages into the general education classrooms in the U.S. regardless of where you lived. Wiley & Wright (2004), indicate that in these programs, districts provided ELL students with linguistic support in bilingual/general education classrooms. However, over time there has been more of an emphasis on resisting bilingual education and mainstreaming ELL students in general education classes (Wiley & Wright, 2004). Nevertheless, ELL students are not being supported and are left with little linguistic help in the classroom to acquire English. The consequences being they are expected to keep current with their native English speaking peers. This can have devastating effects on ELL students struggling to learn English as it can take up to 7-10 years to become proficient in English (Fernandez, 2013). It can be concluded that districts are responsible for removing the support systems within general education classrooms and, thus, creating more ELL students to be referred to special education classes.
Another argument suggests that school…
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