The Impact Of Black Upward Mobility On The Corporate Sphere Essay

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How does a race that represents 13% of the United States population, represent barely 1% of CEO leadership ,while whites (white males specifically), comprising 64% of United States population, represent 91% of Fortune 500 CEO leadership? This is a multi billion dollar question that corporations around the United States should seriously consider contemplating. Authors in this subfield have done thorough research about the topic, so this review functions to elucidate a consensus between the respective experts in this subfield. My aim in this article is to bring to light the mechanisms that constrain black upward mobility in the corporate sphere to show the constant struggle that blacks endure in trying to climb the corporate ladder. Many authors have done research on this topic, but of recent no notable works have come out about this tremendous hurdle that black individuals have to conquer. I organize the article the following format: introduction, body including the mechanisms that impede black upward mobility in corporations, and finally a conclusion tying all of the varying opinions and perspectives together.
The factors that stymie the upward mobility of blacks in corporations can be attributed to a variety of factors. One overarching factor is that institutional racism pervades the corporate sphere, making it more difficult for black individuals to climb the corporate ladder. In what can be described as cultural racism, white privilege propels white individuals to
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