The Impact Of Board Size On Firm Performance

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The Impact of Board Size on Firm Performance: Evidence from the Pakistan. Introduction
In this paper we study the relationship between board size and performance of firm for Pakistan firm. Board size, Board Composition and Board Independent and Control Variables that impact on firm performance and return on equity. This study is selecting a sample of 10 top firms listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange (2008 to 2009) in Pakistan. Corporate BOD plays an important role in the corporate governance of innovative companies.
The relation between board size and firm performance both concludes has most influentially (Yermack 1996).the tradeoff between benefit and drawbacks to the effect of board size on firm performance (Garcia-Ramos, 2010).in addition to supervise managers the BOD role play a very important role (Fama, 1980).In monitoring management the important characteristics of BS, Board Composition to effect the effectiveness of the board (Jensen, 1993). The possibility that large board can be less effective than small board
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Board size (BS), board composition, ownership structure, multiplicity of directorship, (CEO) duality and executive director has impact on firm performance .the data is selected a 42 Indian companies listed in Crisil NSE index (CNX) I from National Stock Exchange (NSE). Required data have been collected mainly from the annual reports of the companies. These annual reports are taken from the website maintained by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Bi-Variate Correlation, Model of Panel Data and Multiple Regressions and Tobin’s Q model has used and Random Effect Model used. The result that shows that relationship between ownership structure and corporate performance is
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