The Impact Of Business On The Environment

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In the words of Tony Blair, former prime minister of The United Kingdom, We are now, more than ever, aware of the potentially negative impact of business on the environment, whatever the nature or size of the business. There can only be positive results from developing sustainability-from benefiting your own bottom line to benefiting tomorrow 's industry to benefiting the environment in which we all live (Crowther, D., & Aras G.,2008). Whatever action an organization takes have an effect not just on the firm, but also on the external environment within which it operates. The local economic environment the firm operates and the global environment as a whole can be affected by an organization 's action. Crowther et al. list some of such effects as: • The utilization of natural resources as a part of its production processes • The effected of competition between itself and other organizations in the same market • The enrichment of a local community through the creation of employment opportunities • Transformation of the landscape due to raw material or waste product storage • The distribution of wealth created within the firm to the owners of that firm (via dividends) and the workers of that firm (through wages) and the effects of this upon the welfare of individuals • And more recently the greatest concern has been with climate change and the way in which the emission of greenhouse gases is exacerbating this. It can be deducted from these instances that an organizations
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