The Impact Of Caribbean On The Caribbean

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Cruising in the Caribbean has grown rapidly in popularity over recent years, and whilst this is an advantage from a tourism aspect, it has also brought escalated concerns for many territories in this region. According to Nagel, G. (1999) tourism in the Caribbean had increased from 5 million to 10.6 million in the space of ten years. Since this had been found in 1996, this number has now raised to 25 million in the past year. Growing demand for cruise travel means economic development, environmental degeneration, growth in tourism and pollution are now effected more predominantly. This report will investigate all impacts effecting the Caribbean and what could be done to alter those effects that are having a negative impact.


2.1 Research on the growth of the Caribbean due to cruising
2.2 Analysis of the impacts cruising has on the environment and economy
2.3 Research on concern about pollution and what is being done by cruise lines to prevent further damage


3.1 Growth of the Caribbean due to the cruise industry.

3.1.1 Public investment has had a great impact on the history of Caribbean growth. The region has over time developed its tourism products, emphasising natural aspects like sun and sand, whilst also developing its potential for cruise tourism. Mentioned by Brida, J.G. and Zapata, S. (2010) the number of arrivals in the Caribbean have increased from 3 million to more than 25 million between 1980 and 2007.
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