The Impact Of Carrying Capacity On Tourism And Hospitality Management

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Tourist activities sometimes have negative effects on a particular region and in modern times have brought about a strong urgency to prevent such effects from occurring These effects are directly proportional to the amount of tourists visiting a place over a period of time and if left unchecked can have severe consequences which might eventually lead to stagnation of a tourist destination .The carrying capacity concept is essentially a decision making framework informed by the regular measurement of agreed indicators of quality. The concept of carrying capacity was derived in the early 1960’s from range management and was applied to tourism and hospitality management. It was concluded that carrying capacity is not just one single notion but an amalgamation of four different carrying capacities which are namely physical, Ecological psychological and Economical
“The carrying capacity of any tourist destination, whether it be an historic building, a beach or a dive site, is not a single figure that can be calculated and fixed. It is a function of management objectives, measurements, judgements and evaluations and often requires the involvement of a range of interest groups (or stakeholders) for its agreement. It may change over time and can be influenced by investment in management techniques and tourism infrastructure. The carrying capacity concept is essentially a decision-making framework, informed by the measurement of agreed indicators of quality.” - Graham Barrow…
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