The Impact Of Cell Phone And Internet Use On Communication Skills

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The Impact of Cell Phone and Internet Use on Communication Skills in Adolescents Jontay Hendree Kennesaw State University 15 February 2015 Abstract The study that I have conducted examines the effects of excessive cell phone and internet use as primary means for communication in adolescents’, and their subsequent (lack of) ability and willingness to engage in verbal and/or face-to-face communication. This research explores the pros and cons of the reliance on communication technology, and attempts to estimate long-term effects it may have on these adolescents, should it continue. The importance of this research lies in the reality that computers, cell phones, and other technological devices that can serve as communication aids, have begun to take the place of verbal communication and hinder young adults’ comfort levels with developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Reading this essay will give any person living in today’s technologically motivated society, insight on what is soon to come if we continue to turn to texting, emailing, instant messaging, and more, as primary means for communication. Introduction The text messaging and social media phenomenon, over the recent years, has made possible new forms of interaction that were not possible before. One can now speak to someone in another country, or on another continent, with the click of a button! We can also use these methods to hold conversations with a neighbor, or someone
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