The Impact Of Change Management On Business Organizations

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Change management is defined as a series and sequence of activities involved in the application of a structured process or a number of tools for leading the human resources side of change in any organization to achieve a desired objective within a stage of an environmental factor caused or imposed the change of the organization’s strategy and process to continue its business or withdraw from the market mainly in a very competitive business competitive environment. This definition of change management is in part advanced by Prosci, a qualified foundation which provides a world-renowned change management training programs and tools. Prosci owns and manages the Change Management Learning Center (

Question One Answer:
Change management is imposed by different factors on business organizations which can be either internal factors in respect of the purpose of strengthening a financial position on the market by innovating processes to achieve set goals and objectives to remain competitive in the market or caused by external forces of the business environment which called for the need to change processes mainly with the emergence of new technologies mainly in IT which contributed to speed up processes and hence organization as the case of Heatway , a multinational leading Company in different activities in heating, air conditioning and other appliances.
The order management (PTP) process at Heatway
The order management
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