The Impact Of Changing The Course Of A River At Elizabeth Quay

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WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF CHANGING THE COURSE OF A RIVER AT ELIZABETH QUAY? Introduction Elizabeth Quay is located between barrack and Williams street and will cover 10 hectares of prime riverfront land. The inlet will be 2.7 hectares large. It is connected directly to, and extends an important north-south city corridor that will make room for the main commercial, retail, transport, cultural, entertainment and education areas of the city. Elizabeth quay is located next to major tour destinations and public transport hubs including Supreme Court Gardens, Barrack Square and the Convention Exhibition Centre. The project will reconnect the city with the Swan river; it will integrate the already established pattern of development in the Perth CBD…show more content…
There will be 400 new hotel rooms built in Elizabeth Quay – which is necessary to accommodate the tourists that are expected to visit. Negative impact 1: Since the project was announced, there have been many different opinions about whether or not Elizabeth Quay is a good idea. In July of 2012, it was found that 41% of the population of Perth was for Elizabeth Quay, while 36% did not think it was a good idea. Interestingly, it was found that liberal and green supporters were more in favour of the project than labor supporters. Many of those not in favour of the project believe that it does little for Australian heritage and that it isn’t worth the disruption of traffic that would be caused by the closing of Riverside drive during the building period. It is also thought that many people in Perth are in fear of change; that they want it to stay the same sleepy town that it had been in the past. But in opposition to this, supporters of the project have rightly stated that Perth is the fastest growing city in Australia, and change is inevitable to support all the requirements of a large population. Negative impact 2: The appeal of the areas around the Elizabeth Quay development may have been affected due to noise, pollution, smoke and dust in the air and increased traffic congestion. This could affect the businesses around these areas as they may not have gotten as many customers. Also, buildings that used to be in prime positions (facing the river) will have lost value due

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