The Impact Of Christian Features On Beowulf

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The Impact of Christian Features on Beowulf. Given, the current high profile debate with regard to dating the epic poem Beowulf, it is quite surprising that some scholars go as far as placing it during the Vendel era around 550 - 793 CE. Even though it is considered as a kind of folk tale, many are those who believe it happened towards the early Vendel era. As a rebuttal to this point, it might be?convincingly argued?that this period is also referred to as the Germanic Iron Age. Moreover, this era saw the rise of Norse mythology, which is very fatalistic in nature; it focuses on a world coming to an end in a great cataclysm. Along with this fatalism comes the willingness to die. That is why warriors would go to fight in battles and combats. Surprisingly enough, not only the heroes die but so do the Gods. Therefore, the central value of this culture is glory and heroism.

Having considered the fundamental premises upon which the Poem Beowulf took ground, it is also reasonable to look at the epitome of this epic poem which starts with a tale about the ancestors of the Danish king, Hrothgar who wins great fame and wealth in different battles. Therefore, he built a Mead-Hall called Herot, to commemorate his victories. The Mead-Hall took its name from a popular drink, mead, being fermented liquor which was drunk at banquets and celebrations. Herot is also a place
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