The Impact Of Christianity On American Voters

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Paper 3: The Impact of Christianity on American Voters
American voters are swayed heavily by their upbringing. People tend to share the same political beliefs as their parents; however, religious background gives parental influence a run for its money. In the United States, 78.3% of Americans are Christian making it the most common religious affiliation (Hackett & Grim, 2012). Christianity is rooted in truth and love— love for yourself and others. So when it comes to voting for the next president, many Christians seem to be at a crossroads, because the presidential candidates seem to lack truth, love, or even both. Both candidates use ruthless rhetoric attacking these Christian values. Hillary Clinton is portrayed as a lying murderer, while Trump is painted as a xenophobic entitled ass. Despite core Christian values differing from Donald Trump’s rhetoric, Christian voters are still choosing Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, because Republican values mirror Christian values.
Christians overwhelmingly support Donald Trump despite his hateful dialogue. At first glance, Hillary Clinton looks like the ideal candidate in terms of morality. She is well spoken, portrays herself as a person of the people, and does her best to rally people together through her speeches. Trump, on the other hand, has an infinite repertoire of insults towards minorities, religious groups, and disabled people. His comments seem to embody everything that Christianity is not— making erroneous…
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