The Impact Of Climate Change On Canada

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Leona Aglukkaq House of Commons Ottowa, Ontario K1A 0A6 Dear Leona, I would formally like to voice my concerns to you regarding our planet 's future. Numerous government-funded studies of the impact of climate change suggest that most regions of Canada will warm up during the next 60 years due to carbon dioxide being released into the air by our ever growing population and never ending quench for food and energy. Agriculture is highly exposed to climate change, as farming activities depend directly on climatic conditions. But the fact that agriculture also directly releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere makes it a double edged sword. As of today, Canada is nowhere close to meeting its international climate change commitment of cutting greenhouse gasses output 17 percent by 2020 made in Copenhagen in 2012. Even worse, in a best case scenario we’re not even going to make half of that amount. Even UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has felt the need to address Canada – and indirectly you – to stop stalling on settling climate goals and become the ambitious and visionary country we once were again. Canada, as one of the G7 countries, should be taking a leading role in climate change prevention, but right now even the US is fighting climate change more than we do. According to the recent 2014 Climate Change Performance Index created by the Climate Action Network Europe, only Australia rivals Canada in terms of its poor climate change report and that is a country in
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