The Impact Of Cloud Computing On Health Care

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Academic Justification. The envisioned study should continue as it covers a topic that requires further evidence to understand risk management in healthcare. Unsafe situations in healthcare make it an interesting setting to study given the adoption of computing healthcare systems. Evidence supporting the benefits of cloud computing in healthcare is abundant. However, studying the risks associated with such a system could be beneficial to the body of knowledge. Merrill (2014) also observes that cloud computing has the ability to become the defining technology in the current era similar to the contribution electricity paid in the 20th century. Its use it expected to increase dramatically in the future and this will add to potential risks that may affect an institution. Understanding the dynamics of cloud computing could help risk managers in healthcare get a firm grip in the institution The risk impact of cloud computing practices affecting health care is one researchable topic, which involve credible case studies and sources where significant data can be solicited from. The envisioned study should therefore proceed because the topic of “the risk impact of cloud computing services affecting health care systems” exists within acceptable bounds of research with limits, establishing research parameters having the probable weight of the variables in case of either a qualitative or quantitative research consideration (Sultan, 2014). Technology is beneficial, but this does not
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