The Impact Of Cloud Computing Technology

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ABSTRACT: Cloud computing is most growing technology in the industry. The challenge to transcode videos according to the machine type like laptops, mobile phones and televisions by understanding the requirements of machines to suffice the video and allocating the storage capacity. This paper is a literature survey on the solutions and proposed models of how to transcode videos using cloud technology on different electronic devices. The paper discusses about the ideas proposed. INTRODUCTION: The objective of the paper is to transcode the videos to different electronic devices using different technologies like Hadoop, HTTP, transcoding enabled caching via cloud computing and how to cache the space to make it available to clients, size,…show more content…
Basu, Caching strategies in transcoding-enabled proxy systems for streaming media distribution networks, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, v.6 n.2, p.375-386, April 2004 This paper discusses about various Transcoding enable technique regarding display, size, quality on mobiles using wireless connection. Here the author has introduced his idea through Transcoding enabled caching (Tec) for efficient delivery of quality media files to the customers and proxies are used for storing and transcoding files as well as delivering the media file to end user which helps to decrease the browsing time and cost-efficient. Transcoding enabled technique acts as client to the content server this is used to store the stream lined from the origin server. It takes the data from input server and sends it to output sever here the proxy saves the content from input buffer or output buffer to reduce the load capacity of media file with higher bandwidth. The Transcoding technique is described by using three algorithms the data In the first two algorithms it caches at most one video and the third algorithm process the multiple forms of video transcoding by reducing the load. ->Exact Hit: - In this the entreated type of media file is available in the storage area. ->Transcode Hit: -Here the entreated type of video file is not available in the storage region, but it is available in the
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