The Impact Of Coaching And Leadership On The Workplace

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In a business there are several different factors, and attributes that can excel or hinder a company’s environmental and economic success. Most people believe that a business’s longevity relies solely on its profits and regulations, when in actuality, it is the coaching and the leadership of the business. In fact, coaching and leadership are the greatest attributes that accumulate to a company’s success, but if they are abused, or misused, they can cause severe damage to the company’s well-being. For this paper I will be covering the topics of coaching and leadership in the workplace and will be giving different types of styles for both concepts. I will also evaluate the correlation between the two and will give several examples throughout to help comprehend the topics. I will then explain how these attributes can be abused and can cause more harm to a company than good. I will conclude my paper by highlighting all of the main points throughout the paper, and then give my own opinion on the subject.
One of the most overlooked aspects in a business’s, or corporation’s success is its emphasis on management development. Management development is defined as “…the process from which managers learn and improve their skills not only to benefit themselves, but also their employing organizations.” Moreover, whenever a company utilizes its management development skills, it will directly relate to the company’s economic growth along with the company’s environmental well-being.
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