The Impact Of Colonization On The Indigenous People Of Rhodesia ' Nervous Conditions '

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In regions of colonization, a significant issue that emerges in the native community is a disruption of identity resulting from an influx of colonial European ideals. As a result of colonization, the native identity is subjected to threats of marginalization by the invasion and domination of European cultural practices and language. The detrimental impact of colonization on the indigenous people of Rhodesia in Nervous Conditions is illustrated by the dominance of the British Empires colonial European identity, which is perpetuated by the conception that “Englishness” will civilize the population. In Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions, the natives of Rhodesia, Tambu and Nyasha, illustrate a hybrid identity crisis as a result of imperial oppression over the language and educational system of the nation. The role of English language and culture, imposed by colonial education, emphasizes the movement for natives to abandon their indigenous cultural and linguistic roots. The mental colonization of the colonized by the means of English language, education, and European cultural values results in a state of displacement, alienation, and identity confusion in the individual. In the novel, Dangarembga depicts the victimization of the Shona language through the educated characters eagerness to adopt and imitate the practices of the English. The imposition of a new language on the native community is used as a medium through which the hierarchal structure of power is

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