The Impact Of Communication On Public Relations

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The authors of this article posit to articulate the contribution that communication audit plays in public relations to the extent that it is conceived fittingly as an effective tool that can be applied in management. The effectiveness of communication analysis helps in tackling the needs of the target message, the audience as well as the media and augments the effectiveness of the efforts that are made in the process of communication. According to Hollister & Patricia (2005), the retention of an outside auditor may call for the incorporation of evaluation in corporate communication of the organization, department of corporate communication and offer recommendations for the need of streamlining the effectiveness of intercompany communications as well as departmental communications to the management of the organization.

The programs of communication research have their starting point at communication audit which is an approach of research that guides the core audiences towards the right perception of the organization. The use of such a high quality research shall most likely lead to collection of strategic information, but the company has to devise means of selling their audit to the upper management in the organization during the phase of implementation. Hart (2006), also argues that, communication audit brings about the strategic positioning of the company coupled with communication plans that focuses on the achievement of objectives of communication. This could include…
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