The Impact Of Computer Networks On A Business Organization

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The use of computer networks is growing in popularity in the world today, this is due to the availability of Internet and the need to share and exchange information among and between computer users. Through this, there is efficiency in operation and communication with a business organization and any other work place or institution. To share computer information and services, a company will need a network system that will suit both its employees and within the budget of the company. The faster and cheaper the network the more efficient it will be to the company. The use of LANs and WANs are the most common method used in trying to make the networking among people in an organization possible. To access this service is easy and cheap and in most cases depends on the organizations technological adverseness. DesignIT is an expanding graphic art company that is in the process of building a new office. The office needs to accommodate two full time designers and a receptionist. The office will be subdivided into four cubicles (the main office, a server room, a conference room and a reception desk). The company has moved a Microsoft IIS Web Server, Microsoft Server 2008 File Server, and Small Business Server 2008. With the high-tech nature of the service the company offers, it will need a more efficient Internet connection the will speed up its operations and serve the all office. It will be made up of six computers, three printers, a wireless network, a firewall, and a
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