The Impact Of Conceptual Framework On Relation Of International Accounting Standards

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The development of accounting standards and rules is based upon conceptual framework which is part of system of financial reporting. These standards set the nature, function and limits of financial account and financial statement. In line with the suggestion of Reichel and Ramey (1987), conceptual framework is described as a set of broad ideas and principles taken from relevant fields of enquiry and used to structure a subsequent presentation. This reflects the items such as equity, expenses, income, assets and liabilities in financial statement. The International Accounting Standards Committee (IASB) is the body that developed the international conceptual framework in 1989 with the hope to attain global acceptance .The objective is to improve financial reporting which indicate the preparation of financial statement for limited company by providing updated, clear and complete set of concepts. In order to evaluate the role of conceptual framework, this essay aims to provide a discussion of the usefulness and limitations of conceptual framework in relation of International accounting standards. As mentioned above, the usefulness of conceptual framework includes consistency, comparability and credibility. Meanwhile, the limitations involve the difficulty to set up, difficulty to create the new ideas and may only benefit to certain groups.

Before proceeding to examine the extent to which the International accounting standard is useful, it will be necessary to understand…
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