The Impact Of Conflict Management On The Business World

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The Role of IT in Conflict Management David McNamee Webster University Dr. Bold MNGMNT 5000 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Early Development of Conflict Management 5-6 Conflict Management in the Business World 6-7 Nation to Nation Conflict Management 7 Summary 8 References Introduction Conflict Management has been in constant use since the beginning of time between all species, particularly humans. With the dawning of the internet and its increasing use throughout the world, conflict management has changed drastically. Information Technology has also had a great impact on how we manage conflict. At the peer to peer level, it has greatly emboldened individuals, this same statement can be carried over through…show more content…
It was determined that “the quality of arts-related ICT use positively predicted problem-solving skill, whereas the quantity of arts-related ICT use negatively predicted problem-solving skill.” (Liam, Martin, Anderson, Gibson, Sudmalis 2014). To simply state the result, when ICT was used for what it was designed for the results were predictable, conversely the use of the program for duties outside of the scope of what was intended actually reduced problem-solving ability. This refers to the reliance some students would place on the ICT to determine every correct “next step”. Students that rely on the ICT to determine every “correct” step showed a reduced ability to conduct problem solving on their own. Early development of critical thinking skills and problem solving is essential in the development of society, IT programs can be utilized for critical decision modeling but the ability to utilize common sense and determination of outcomes is important. Conflict Management in the Business World In modern business, organizations deal with global partners and conflict often arises because of different outlooks, objectives, and policies. IT solutions are common in modern business to not only resolve conflict but to prevent it from occurring. In many cases
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