The Impact Of Construction Industry On The Development And Achievement Of Goals Of Society Essay

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The review of literature starts with a focus on the important role the construction industry plays in the development and achievement of goals of society, arguing that the construction industry is the largest contributor to national development. It is further argued that the development of physical infrastructure such as buildings, roles and bridges is a measure of the pace of a country’s economic development (Takin & Akintoye, 2002). The authors of the article then focused the review of literature on the definition or description of a successful building construction project. They pointed out that a successful building construction project is one that has been finished on time, within budget, in accordance with specifications and to stakeholders’ satisfaction (Chua et al., 1999; Puspasari, 2005, Ogunsemi & Jagboro, 2006; Yaman, 2007; Cheng et al., 2010; Cheng et al., 2011). Then the review of literature focuses on studies that examined the factors that affect the performance of a construction project in developing countries.
A study by Faridi & El-Sayegh (2006) in the United Arab Emirates revealed that shortage of skills of manpower, poor supervision, poor site management, unsuitable leadership, shortage and breakdown of equipment were some of the contributing factors to delays in completion of construction projects. Ajayi et al. (2010) reported that the choice of contractor(s) was also a critical factor that significantly impacted on the success or failure of a project. In
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