The Impact Of Consumer Behavior On Online And Virtual Shopping Environment

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Assessing the Impact of Consumer Behavior in Online and Virtual Shopping Environment Introduction Consumer behavior plays an important role in developing marketing strategies for a marketer with an objective to deliver marketing goals in a given span of time, which could be possible by understanding the psychology of consumer from his/her buying behaviors that could be influenced by an environment and other factors in which an individual live-in. The decision to which consumer concludes while making a final decision in making purchase may vary with level of importance and interest in a product or service. Consumer takes into various parameters before he/she concludes a decision in making purchase or availing service on attributes that are varied in nature, in traditional point of view consumer behavior attributed by, where an individual make purchasing decision before in-take of product/service by consulting and taking inputs of varied set of data from people around environment that could be his/her friends, brothers, siblings, acquaintances and other people in social circles who could potentially influence an individual in making a purchasing decision and now with extended social circles concept leveraging social media, internet forums and product reviews available on virtual shopping and comparison websites with experiences shared by consumer who had purchased and used the similar product gives an adequate and much nuanced inputs about the product/service which could
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