The Impact Of Consumerism On Our Society Today

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Consumerism has played an important role in our society today. Whether it is the shoes we wear or the shampoo we use in our hair, the idea of being a consumer and what products attract us contribute to how we identify ourselves within our society. When people go the store to purchase a product, they tend not to think how the package affects them. Thomas Hine’s “What’s in a Package” emphasizes how packaging is essential to attract a customer to buying the given item. He further explains that not only do these packages subconsciously affect customers, the product can also say something about the person based on their purpose of buying it. In addition, Hines also expresses in his article that the way a package is presented to us as consumers affects our expectations when purchasing the product and how each package in the store is competing for our attention. These numerous choices of items come in all different shapes and sizes, and there are different ways in which these items appeal to each consumer. For instance, the bold letters or the bright colors can catch the attention of a buyer. Even the amount of information provided in the item or the ingredients used can play a factor on whether this product is the right product to consider buying. Packaging is key for an advertisement to be successful. The product I decided to choose to analyze was my Clinique Stay-matte Liquid Foundation. What attracted me to this foundation is how the packaging goes straight to the point with

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