The Impact Of Consumerism

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According to, consumerism is defined as “the concept that an ever-expanding consumption of goods is advantageous to the economy.” Basically, this definition boils down to people getting more people to buy more products is a good thing. However, things aren’t always as they seem. In order to get people to be interested in your product, there is lots of advertisement involved and this of course costs money. Unfortunately, with lots of advertisements, they may not tell the whole truth of a product, or they may target one specific age or race group. Getting consumers to buy products is a good thing, but the lengths people go at isn't. In order to get people to be interested in a product, it has to be something that they can see…show more content…
Due to the larger amounts of products being made, there are more pollutants being emitted, more land is being used, and the harmful gases that is being released into our atmosphere helps to accelerate our climate change problem. In his book No Impact Man, Colin Beavan states, “we work out butts off so we can get the stuff, but the making of the stuff destroys the planet, which makes us more depressed,...” (Beavan, pg 142). In this quote, Beavan states how people keep on buying despite the negative effects it has on our environment. Another thing companies may do to get their products to sell, is to aim some of their products to a certain age and race group, Even though it may seem innocent, it is discriminatory and harmful. For example, it is seen in many commercials that cigarette companies ads are found in areas where the majority of the people in the neighborhood are black.It is uncertain who came up with the idea to put up a majority of posters in black majority neighborhoods, but it isn’t right and to many it is considered racist and discriminatory. Fast food companies have their advertisements appeal to young children especially, they advertise low price meals for people that are on the go, and are physically attractive to young children. The parents of the young kids are usually busy, and may not
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