The Impact Of Contemporary Art On The Art And The Sense Of Being Contemporary

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The history of contemporary art can often be confusing not only to the general public but also to professionals in the field. It is a very broad term that can be taken in many different forms. A significant theme that will need to be explored is firstly; what the contemporary actually is, and, narrowing it down to a single definition that relates directly to contemporary art. Further, what role a museum actually plays in the involvement of contemporary pieces is crucial. This essay will moreover assess what the difference between what the contemporary is, and what art is and will converse how the museums role acts as an optimistic catalyst for contemporary. This will lead to a contrast to this view, which will suggest the hindrance of a museum on the art and the sense of being ‘contemporary’. These approaches will assist in the quest to extrapolate what the contemporary is and how the context of an object may significantly impact on its contemporary value. Moreover, specific designers, artists and researchers can be utilised in order to argue how or how not a museum helps play a role on contemporary art.

In discussing the role the museum and the viewer plays on contemporary art, it is important to first determine what underpins the contemporary. Although it has many different aspects associated with the term, when discussing contemporary art it can be a bit more complex, so breaking down what is contemporary, and what is art must first be scrutinised. ‘The contemporary’ as…

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