The Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility is raising concern in recent years. It becomes a key issue for most companies and organizations. Corporate social responsibility is important in the sense that it has strategic implications for corporations in different industries. Previous studies about corporate social responsibility usually explore the relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance of a business. However, in this study, the relationship among CSR, Corporate Image and Brand Equity is focused. The company’s activities based on CSR have positive impacts on its corporate image. Also, the more CSR bore by a company, the more positive image the company would have; and both CSR and corporate image would affect the brand equity as a whole. The attempt of this study is to examine the impact of corporate social responsibility towards the operation strategies of McDonald’s. By applying the model of CSR and identifying the relationship among CSR, Corporate Image and Brand Equity, the effects of McDonald’s CSR strategies are projected. The theoretical relationship among the…show more content…
Nowadays, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of business has become the focused area towards a corporation in the world that (Esmaeilpour, Barjoei 2014 ), it is an essential element contributing to create as well as increase corporate value; besides, making the operation of business sustainable (Huang et al. 2014) . Previous surveys show that there is relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Image; to be more concise, their relationship is positively correlated. Corporate image is one of the most valuable assets of the company. Different from other assets, it is an intangible one. It seems that the positive impact of the brand image would affect the perceived benefits of the company as well as the potential
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