The Impact Of Correlated Failures On Software Reliability

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Impact of correlated failures on software reliability Lohith Kantharaj Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO 80523-1373, USA Abstract--A number of software fault tolerance methods have been proposed to achieve high reliability. However, these methods suffer from the lack of considering the possibility of correlated failures, where the failure of multiple components leads to system failure. Furthermore, previous methods to assess the impact of correlated failure on software fault tolerance require extensive testing of data and are therefore less suitable to conduct reliability analysis in the early design stages. Hence, these types of failures must be explicitly incorporated into reliability analysis. The influence of correlated failures on application reliability must be analyzed within the context of the application architecture. This paper provides a survey of some of the studies conducted so far in the field of software reliability and gives a summary of the models proposed to study the impact of correlated failures on the software reliability. The paper concludes by highlighting the major contributions of some studies and provides a direction for the future study in the field. Index terms—Software Reliability, Correlation, Correlated failures, Software development, Models. I. INTRODUCTION Software reliability is an increasing concern with the widespread use of software that drives
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