The Impact Of Correspondence In World War One

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World War one was a serious problem that began July 28 1914. It was the beginning of misunderstandings between big countries. These countries were not only fighting for their own rights and for their freedom, but they were also fighting for justice. This war was also known as the Great War, because it is the 3rd war where the most lives were lost. Over 7 million civilians lost their lives due to the war, and it had a great impact in economical problems. In this war there were two alliances the Triple Entente and the Central Powers. Even though this war caused economical problems, it was also caused communication problems. It was a challenge to communicate because the correspondence was difficult to transport and also the soldiers and people in war had not enough time to write their letters. The amount of information they could include was limited and we can say it was a big disadvantage in the war. Correspondence in world war one was not easy to transport. During these times “German soldiers and civilians exchanged close to 30…show more content…
An ambulance rider named Arthur working under the French Red Cross experimented these difficulties. “It is nearly dinner time, we dine 7 p.m. Dejeuner 11-30. I only got in here from garage at ¼ to 6, I had meant to write several letters, it is so hard, tired at night & on all day & night too at times.” Soldiers and workers finished the day tired after a very long day of work, and still needed to write letters to inform heir relatives how they were doing. Usually the information a soldier would include in his letter was “I am quite well”, “I am being sent down to the base”, “I have received no letter from you for a long time”, and their signature. If a soldier included any more information that was not necessary the letter would be either destroyed or the information would be
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