The Impact Of Cruise Ships On The Tourism Industry

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Imagine the cruise industry is being forced to shut down. Within weeks, thousands of photos and stories emerge of people who are starving, homeless, and unemployed. That would be the reality if such a tragic event were to happen. Today, the cruise ship industry is the fastest growing sector within the tourism market (Hunt, 2011). With such growth comes major economic impacts. These impacts are not only prominent in the United States, but across the globe. In 2014 alone, the cruise ship industry had an impact of $46.09 billion dollars on the Unites States economy (The cruise industry, n.d.). Often times, business owners and civilians, who live in ports of call, criticize the industry for ruining their local business ecosystem. But, they fail to realize that the ecosystem which they live and operate in, is heavily reliant on tourism from cruise ships. In other words, many people fail to notice the significance and importance of the industry. Cruise ships provide major positive economic impacts on the countries they service in; they provide jobs, boost the economy, and overall increase the standard of living.
Economic Impacts
The cruise ship industry plays a major role in the world’s economy. Countless countries depend on it, and without it they would be nothing. Over 22 million passenger’s cruised around the globe in 2014 (The cruise industry, n.d.). With the industry growing each year, the economic impacts will as well.
Countries such as China and South Korea, have seen a…

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