The Impact Of Culture On The Business World

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The Impact of Cultural Differences in the Business World
The world we live in today is made up of many countries, each unique in their own way, each continually growing as they try to adapt to a rapid changing environment and economy. The way in which each country adapts to these changes relies heavily on the culture, traditions, customs and overall way of life of the given society (Wharton). When it comes to the global economy, every country has its own definition of what being successful really means and the leadership that leads to success is defined differently as well. The way in which a leader needs to adjust their strategies are dependent upon the individual culture they are working with. Within each culture, there are certain elements that can impact the success of an organization. I will be discussing what these elements are and how they can help or hinder the success of an organization.
Discovering what Elements of a Culture to Examine The global economy today is made up of many nationalities and each nationality brings with them a unique culture. Part of leadership success is learning who you are working with inside the organization. When a leader is examining what strategy will work best for the organization’s goals, it is important to remember that the terms “leadership” and “success” have numerous definitions depending upon the culture in which you are defining it (Rook). Forming working relationships is just one key in unlocking effective
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