The Impact Of Curriculum On Their Intended Beneficiaries

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English 12- EO3
Fall 2015
Prof. Andrew
Essay two
SS: 1341

Prompt: Discuss the impact of Curricula on their intended beneficiaries as described in the readings of Jean Anyon and John Taylor Gatto.

American Citizens success is directly correlated to the quality of education they receive. The quality of education changes with location, and location is determined by income. Even if by chance an individual is able to locate a viable institution. The curriculum may harm a child intellectual growth more than it would stimulate it. John Taylor Gatto argues that standardized curriculum is boring our students, and crushing originality. While Jean Anyon states that a person social class is a reflection of their schooling. Both pedagogues have experience in this field, and have looked closely at course work and student teacher relationships. Ostensibly Gatto’s and Aynon’s publications intends to convey the flaws ingrained in the education system. It’s feasible to first examine each social class’s academic curriculum in order to understand if schooling is thwarting success.
The working class makes up about 39 percent of the population. Families are placed in this category when their yearly earnings falls under fifteen thousand dollars. Their jobs consist of labor that requires a minimal amount of analytical thinking. In working class schools students are trained to obey instructions just as they would in working class jobs. The middle-class annually earns at least
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