The Impact Of Cyber Attacks On An Organization Essay

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Probability sampling is a valuable research method however; it is dependent on the target audience that is selected. Satisfying and dependable results of a specific study may depend on different surveys being conducted at different intervals, focusing on a different target audience. The results from these surveys conducted at different intervals is what will ultimately aid in the collection on relevant data with commonly gathered factors (Research Methods Knowledge Base). With Information Technology as a research topic, security practitioners will be able to gauge the level of understanding their users have of security practices, and where they should focus attention in order to provide adequate training. In addition to this, sampling can provide a valuable perspective regarding the current effects of cyber threats affecting an organization (Research Methods Knowledge Base).
For my research paper I have chosen information systems interoperability and the securing of it. I chose this for my research paper because I find the increasingly connected format for how we exchange information to be very interesting, but potentially disastrous if left vulnerable. The importance of security in interconnected frameworks is often overlooked, from small business networks and municipal power grids to global email servers and factory production lines. Compatibility across all these networks can leave security holes in the same places in each of these networks. If a highly connected, always…
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