The Impact Of Discrimination, Labelling And Stigma

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This essay will demonstrate my understanding of the impact of discrimination, labelling and stigma has on mental health people in health and social care. It has been documented that there are certain people who are stigmatized and mental health people often have a negative stereotype (Nordt et al., 2006). This negativity will often deter the mental health individuals to seek the help and medical treatment that they need due to the fear of stigmatisation and labelling. Literature highlights that stigma, labelling and discrimination are linked together emphasizing and legitimizing each other (Wood and Anggleton 2010). Wood and Aggleton (2010) state that their indicators are diverse and they are happening in communities, families, in…show more content…
There is a supposition that criminality is a social label beside with the establishment of law which are made by powerful individuals and applied on vulnerable people without power (Burke 2002). This include individuals with mental health illness and the implications with criminal justice adds to their life difficulties (Schulze, 2007). Studies have highlighted the significant complications faced by individuals with mental health issues who are involved in a criminal justice, such as challenges to access mental health facilities both through their imprisonment, when they are discharged and when entering into the community (Baillargeon et al., 2010; Sartorius, 2002 and Schulze, 2007). Moreover, the lack of mental health facilities for individuals involved in criminal justice has been widely documented (Nord et al., 2006; Sartorius, 2002; Schulze, 2007). Mallik et al., (2008) and Smith et al.,(2011) state that individuals with mental illness will find the transition to and from criminal justice settings very stressful and the services available in prisons are often inadequate and unpredictable. Indeed, the literature findings on lack of facilities for mental health individuals strengthen Burke’s (2002) view on the design of the justice system which suggests that the system penalizes individuals who are less dominant and less powerful members of

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