The Impact Of Disney On The Disney Company

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Disney is striving to this adopt this type of media within it’s operations to make it more appealing to it’s customers. Most recently, Disney has altered it’s website 3 times in 5 years, possessing a game like appearance. In order stay competitive, they have to make making investments into upstart technologies. Disney purchased Marker Studios for $500 million. Marker Studios consist of an online network of comedians, performers, and educators. The benefit of Marker Studios, is the availability of popular online content which enables the company to distribute effectively. This is a start to improve their digital media. Trend Brand Image The Disney brand is a global brand that represents that of a child. It’s brand originates from the 1950’s and has extended from the establishment of Disneyland. It has been labeled the best brand of all time. It has the opportunity to reach many countries on more of an international basis. External Factors that have affected the Walt Disney Company Competition In the multimedia world, Disney has a few competitors in which it has to outperform in order to remain as a Company. They include the CBS Corporation, Time Warner Cable, News Corp, Carnival Corp and Paramount Pictures. All these companies have a footprint in television, film, radio, publishing, and entertainment arena. Each company is very successful and poses a huge threat to the Disney Company. Long Term Objectives I highly recommend for the Disney Company to look into raising both
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