The Impact Of Distance Education On Education

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Advances in technology helped form a new type of education. This type of education is an alternative to the more traditional approach to education. Some individuals oppose the new form of learning stating that it is ineffective. While those who favor it assert that it’s a type of learning that is beneficial to students. This new form of learning commonly occurs exclusively through cyberspace and is referred to as distance education. Distance education is a type of education that combines typical teaching methods with technology to instruct students who aren’t physically present like in a more traditional classroom setting. “Online degrees and online colleges are becoming more prevalent and popular with students’ increased access to the Internet. A growing number of students enroll in at least some online courses while studying for their degree.” (Explorer 233). Some individuals believe that distance education isn’t as successful or beneficial as traditional education because students don’t receive the same face to face interaction like they do in a classroom. People presume that distance education isn’t successful because “college students in online courses fail and drop out more often than students in classroom-based courses.” (Maxwell 214). What they don’t take into consideration is why an online college course may have a higher fail rate. For instance, students typically fail a class because the class might be overly difficult for the student to comprehend. Other times
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