The Impact Of Diversified Workforce And How Management Handles Their Employees From Different Cultural Backgrounds

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The hospitality industry around the globe is characterized by the existence of diversified workforce. As a result, it requires highly skilled Human Resource Management (HRM). The research paper here tries to acknowledge the impact of diversified workforce and how management handles their employees from different cultural backgrounds. The paper gives a brief background of the story, followed by an extensive literature review. The literature review section focuses on various theories and models of eminent authors and research scholars. The theories aim at providing knowledge regarding the benefits, challenges and opportunities of having a diversified culture in the organizations. While some authors emphasize on adopting diversification in the companies, others point out the disadvantages related to having employees from different cultural backgrounds. They also offer practical recommendations to the HR managers to help them successfully deal with the cultural diversity issues. The main aim of the paper is to identify the research gap identified in the literature review section. The research methodology applied here is based on secondary data collection. Secondary data are such data which have been previously collected by some agency for a purpose and are merely compiled from the original source for use in diverse connection. The study has been assembled with the help of various journals, books, websites, etc. Theories have been used that focuses on how cultural
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