The Impact Of Diversity On College Campus Analysis

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Diversity is common among all ages, even children show diversity. But what determines it? In The Importance and Benefits of Diversity, by Sara T., she explained that: “Diversity is not always just what background you come from but is any unique difference between human beings. Diversity includes physical appearance, religious belief, and race but your opinions and thoughts and the impact they make on society are also part of diversity.” This shows us that diversity can come in many forms, but to grasp a more firm definition, let’s look at The Impact of Diversity on Campus by Ashley Henshaw: “On a college campus, “diversity” refers to the variety of people and experiences to which students will be exposed.” Along with that we have to consider multiple factors that are about day-to-day life as Sara T. mostly stated: Religion, cultural background, geographic location, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and ability. So with you, the audience, now understanding how is it form, let’s move on to the next topic: How does the influence of other people…show more content…
Sophie Kerby in her article, 10 Reasons Why We Need Diversity on College Campuses, provided some highlighted points of why there should be diversity on college campuses. Some of these points that show the impact on college campuses are: “1. Our nation is changing, and our higher education institutions need to reflect this diversity; 2. While communities of color have made great strides in closing the education gap, disparities in higher education remain prevalent; 8. The implications of race-neutral policies in educational opportunities are detrimental to the next generation; 10. The majority of Americans support race-conscious policies in higher education.” So these college students are the future of our nation, and as a result, diversity is critical in order for to work better and to be a strong member of our
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