The Impact Of Diversity Training On A Group Dynamics Experiment

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For this particular study, the researcher is instrumental to the measurement of the impact of diversity training. The hypothesis of the study is leaders with diversity training, who manage a diverse work team, experience higher levels of productivity. Multiple sources of data will be used in order to study full-circle when it comes to analysis and frame of reference. With the researcher as a key instrument, the researcher will collect data primarily through observation and the proceedings of the experiment will be recorded for later viewing, in order to broaden perspective and increase objectivity. (Creswell, 2014) The primary data collection approach that used for this particular research study is observations. The role of complete participant is one of the best ways to get a “true” feeling for a working diverse group. The researcher would observe two groups- one where he/she would take over leadership and another where he/she would simply participate. The researcher would observe a group as the role of observer similar to a group dynamics experiment explained by authors Bennis and Sheppard (1956). However, the researcher would not take on the role of the trainer, i.e. non-participating observer, as that tends to alienate the observer from the group and in certain instances create hostility due to frustrations running high and increased conflict. The trainer may be looked to as an authority to “fix” the situation and when no help is received participants can become some
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