The Impact Of Divorce On Children ' S Emotion

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The Impact of Divorce on Children Emotion

Lateefah Abiri

Houston community College (Alief)

This research paper is made actualized through the support from everyone that include my family, teacher, classmates, HCCS-Alief Library staff and the hardworking men and women that devote their time to changing mankind through research and dissemination.
Especially, please allow me to dedicate my acknowledgment the class professor (Dr. ) and my classmates that put made the classroom learning environment easier for me. I also thank my husband and the writing center staff who proof read my paper and offered invaluable detailed advices on grammar, organization, and the theme of the paper.
Finally, I sincerely thank to my family, and friends, who provide the advice and financial support. The product of this research paper would not be possible without all of them

The research paper reviews the impact of parental divorce on their children emotion development.
In the first part of the paper, the author provided background information of on the meaning of divorce and possible factors that cause or contribute to divorce. Additionally, the author provided the literatures that provided supportive that are supportive and contrary view to the main aim of the research paper.
The final section provide conclusive summary of the main findings of the research topic.
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