The Impact Of Economics On The Environment

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During this course I learned how to evaluate the importance the factor of economics has in our environment. When evaluating the economics in the environmental science we have to look at a lot of things of importance when finalizing our decision to value the environment and at the same time supporting the economic spectrum. I have learned that we can sustain the environmental resource output and at the same time increased the output of using natural resources to maintain a good economic in any country. My understanding of the environmental economics is that we have to be able to use our natural resources to benefit from it, and at the same time maintain a good usage practice sustaining that natural resources for future generations. A good government has to implement a good environmental policy to deal with environmental economics. These policies have to look at both sides, the environment and the economy of the country using these resources.

Environmental economics also covers the importance of the geographical location and the value that natural resource has for the culture and population. To make sure we involve everyone in the management of the environment and the output of the use, public notice have to be in place to include everyone’s participation and voice for to make this issue as ethical as possible. For example, if we want to use an area to produce oil and gas, we have to be able to analyze the impact this practice will have in the area, population, and the…
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