The Impact Of Education On The Economy And Current Faults

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What this presentation is about
Education is a very important microeconomic issue impacting our economy and our futures; with multiple factors in education that ensure the productivity of a nation it is very important to be utilizing our education system to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately our current system is flawed and is causing major inefficiency’s within our economy; fortunately we already have the power and knowledge necessary to improve education, implementing these solutions is a way to encourage the utilization of human capital and innovation. Through the course of this presentation I will highlight the impact that education has on the economy and current faults in our system that are preventing us from developing our nation further, I will then draw and present well thought-out solutions in the hope of presenting a reform that can efficiently improve our education system and economy.

What is education?
Education is the process of giving or acquiring knowledge as a way to develop skills or understanding of a subject, often specific to a profession. In Australia we have three basic levels of education that can stem out into further fields: primary school, high school and university or Tafe. In Australia you are expected to attend school until the age of 17 at a minimum before pursuing other pathways either by continuing education or by entering the workforce.

How does education affect the economy? (Good and bad)
Education and our
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